About Aldebaran Law Firm

Founder and Managing Partner, Aldebaran Law

Bachar Attieh is the founder and Managing Partner at Aldebaran Law. With a successful track record of 18 years of international legal expertise in Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, Bachar Attieh has a deep understanding of the legal industry in the aforementioned regions.

Prior to founding Aldebaran Law, Bachar worked in Lebanon as transactional lawyer before joining one of the world’s largest oil and gas service providers. During this tenure at a listed American company, he served as a senior regional chief counsel for Africa and Asia Pacific and spent more than 10 years serving several clients and managing legal teams.

Bachar Attieh graduated with a Master’s degree in Law from Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, a Master’s degree in Finance from ESCP Europe and an MBA from the American University of Beirut. He also attended a tailored Business Executive Leadership Program at Texas A&M.

Beyond Commitment…

Bachar Attieh

Our Commitment

Founded in 2019, Aldebaran Law Firm provides legal services for Lebanon. Its team has acquired over 100 years of cumulated legal experience across various industries. It was established with the aim to make a difference in the legal market by providing business friendly and customized high quality level legal services to its clients.

Why Choose Aldebaran Law Firm?

We deliver beyond our commitment


Aldebaran Law Firm swiftly reacts to the change of social developments. Aldebaran Law Firm’s team aims to promptly satisfy its clients’ needs.


Aldebaran Law Firm goes beyond its commitment when rendering legal services.


Aldebaran Law Firm’s objective is to deeply understand its clients’ business by closely working with its clients.


Aldebaran Law Firm abides by the highest standards of ethics and will always behave and guide its clients accordingly.

What Our Clients Say

“Our cooperation with Bachar started from the moment he established Aldebaran Law with a legal advice on our corporate structure. This first step had developed into a long and prosperous relationship that spanned several companies and geographies from CCG to Africa. We are particularly impressed by Aldebaran Law team’s dedication, attention to details and especially their outstanding commitment to ethics in delivering legal services.”
Nadim S. Mehchi
MENA Consulting
“In the early stages of a startup, genuine and ethical legal guidance is a must to lay a strong foundation to the business. Aldebaran Law was there for Taccato from the very beginning, supporting us and dealing with our legal concerns with the utmost professionalism and timeliness. I vividly remember Bachar telling me “Welcome to the Aldebaran family” when we agreed to work together and it really feels as such ever since. My startup is lucky to have an honest, educated, professional, ethical legal family that believes in it and has got its back.”
Alexandra Valerik
CEO, Taccato
“I highly recommend Aldebaran Law team for their professional, efficient and personalized service. Bachar is an outstanding lawyer capable of handling multi-jurisdiction and complex transactions in a very effective manner.”
Karim Burhani
CFA, Managing Director, Emerging Investment Partners Ltd.